Mark Bellingham

A showcase of some of my projects

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HTML-CSS, Java, JSP, JSTL, MySQL, Servlets,


Database driven storefront web application built with Java, using servlets as a controller to fetch information from a MySQL database and present it to the user as a website. Contains login and shopping basket features.

Ajax, Cloud, HTML-CSS, Java, JSON, JSP, REST, XML,

Web Services

Simple service accessible in a variety of ways using different technologies

Java, MySQL,

Third Year Project - Website Security

A Java service that monitors websites for unauthorised changes, restores the website from the backup, informs the administrator of event details, and implements basic blocking methods.

Data Engineering,

Data Engineering

Using datasets to predict the outcome of a class.

Analysing the attributes of a dataset and performing basic data mining techniques in order to improve the outcome of predicting the class.

Encryption, Network Design, Python,

Information and Network Security


Intrusion prevention



Hyper AV

Database driven storefront web application built with PHP and MySQL. Contains login, shopping basket and admin edit features.

Android, Java, JSON, XML,

Food Hygiene Ratings

Android application that queries a server for the hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency and presents them in a table and map format.



Java application demonstrating thread concurrency

Assembly, Logic,

Computer Fundamentals

Logical circuit that displays the numbers 0 - 9 on a seven segment display.

MIPS Assembly program that displays the results of various mathematical calculations.

From Tutorials


Photo Gallery

Interactive database-managed photo gallery.

Object oriented programming with PHP and MySQL, developed from a tutorial by